Minimal headaches and a lot of clarity

Minimal headaches and a lot of clarity.
“Matt and John are both great – always available for questions, able to explain all of my options to me immediately and simply. Both my initial loan and a complicated refinance were handled through them with minimal headaches and a lot of clarity.”

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy.
“This is the third time we have worked with Matt and there’s a reason we keep coming back. He is easy and fun to work with (which is important when you’re signing your life away on a home mortgage haha!) and makes the process easy breezy. But don’t let the fun fool you, he is professional and knows his stuff. We are grateful to have him as our mortgage guru. Thanks, Matt!”

Big Suitcase Full of Money – with a SMILE!

Big Suitcase Full of Money – with a SMILE!
“The Primo Loans team checked ALL the boxes on my investment purchase! Their team picks up the phone, has my best interest in mind, communicates well, willing to work for my business, and has done an amazing job on my loans over the years. Continuously improving the process all while maintaining an authentic and sincere approach to lending keeps us coming back for more. Really, call them. They are a great source of knowledge.”

Could not have asked for a smoother process

Could not have asked for a smoother process!
“They were more than willing to answer any questions we had at any time. They continuously checked in to make sure things were going good on our side. They work very well together and got us the beautiful home we are in for a great price with great rates in about a month. During the signing, even the agents could not believe the numbers compared to some they had seen previously. Primo Loans has a great team to work with. Could not recommend them more!!”

A buying process as smooth as it could be

A buying process as smooth as it could be.
“Matt and his team helped make my and my fiance’s house buying process as smooth as it could be! Matt took time out of his day for me to talk numbers whenever I needed him to and rework any situation that raised a concern to me so I would better understand. He continuously emailed us to make sure all was going well on our side so that closing would be complete in time, which we finished well ahead of schedule! This is my second buying experience with Primo Loans and I have no complaints about this Team.”